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Welcome to EFAA

by elaine last modified 2012-05-25 10:41

The EFAA is a law firm specialized in legal advice in orientation, assembly, structure and formalization of business, ventures and contracts in general, and in the performance of litigation directed towards the care of medium and large enterprises, institutions and organizations non-governmental, business, public and private administrators, people in general who want or need the best advice on legal questions crucial to them.

Ethics, seriousness and determination are praised by EFAA values in all segments in which it operates, seeking to provide differentiated services to customers anywhere in the country and also in international businesses.

EFAA grew in terms of its commitment to focus on the best interests of customers since the beginning. It is not an office with a enormous volume of cases that relegates the client. We are always very close to our customers from the first contact.

The EFAA offers alternatives for the settlement of disputes in all segments and is realistic in relation to proposals or demands faced by its customers. Law is our business and the whole team is ready to accomplish it with quality and excellence.

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Ed. Centro Empresarial Brasília
SRTV/S Qd 701, Conj D, nº 280 - Bloco B, Sala 613B
CEP 70340-907 - Brasília - DF

Tel: +55 (61) 3323.3811 / Fax: +55 (61) 3321.0071

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